Student Support


Since the college has been established with an objective to provide educational facilities to the students of backward communities like Sc, ST, NT, OBC and minorities, The college makes every effort to make their teaching learning easier and affordable. With this view the college provides special attention towards the students of backward communities so as to get financial assistance by the government through various schemes of scholarships.

The following types of scholarships are offered by the college to the eligible students

  • Govt. of India’s national scholarship
  • Govt. of India’s loan based scholarship
  • EBC consession fir the wards of economically backward people.
  • Exemption of the fee for the wardfs of soldiers.

The students belonging to the economically poor section and fulfilling other documentary criteria as per the norms of government can avail any one of above mentioned scholarship schemes.

The following table shows amount in rupees disbursed and number of beneficiaries:

Sr. No. Academic Year Type of Scholarships No. of Students benefited Amount disbursed in Rs.
012012-2013GOI 5481906976
GOI for ST106518150
022013-2014GOI 5562181530
GOI for ST09493184
032014-2015GOI 6062668706
GOI for ST69372092
042015-2016GOI 6333676794
GOI for ST83316846

Earn and Learn


The institution established Student Aid Fund in 2005 in order to avail the financial help to economically poor students perticularly whosw family are in below powerty line when we notified the student, a lot of student do apply. Sometime there are more students aand college does not have adequate fund for the disbursement. The scheme therefore converted into “Earn & Learn Scheme”so that student can get the work in college itself and money through work amd can manage their household expenditure. At the same time they can realise the value of work.


  • Principal D.B.Bhongle – Chairman
  • Prof. V.K.Shambharkar- Secretary
  • Prof. Mrs C.M.Bhongade – Member
  • Prof. S.K.Latelwar - Member
  • Prof. Ku. Anita Randhir – Member


Since it was a self- funded scheme not receiving any financial assistance from any outside agencies,the college had to raise its own fund. For the purpose it was decided to collect the fund from the teaching staff including principal.The collected amount is deposited in a joint account in the name of Chairman of the committee ( Principal) and Secretary of the scheme.

For execution of scheme, the college notified all the student about the terms of the scheme. Genuine Students are finalised and they are given some manual work in the college campus like maintainance of garden, cleaning of garden, laboratory work. The details of amount collected in the fund and amount given to the student is shown as below.

Sr. No. Academic Year Amt. Collected & deposited No. of Student BenifitedAmt. Disbursed
012005-2006 9100/-21Nil

4) LIST OF BENIFICIARY:-(Student Aid Fund)

Sr. No. Name of Benificiary Class Academic Year
01Kawadu M. Pendor M.A.-I2007-2008
02Manoj S. HajareB.A.-II2007-2008
03Sonuram U.Kulmethe B.Com.-III2007-2008
04Rafiq S.SheikhB.Com-I2007-2008
05Rajesh M.ChaudhariB.A.-I2007-2008
06Sanjay M.ChaudhariB.A.-I2007-2008
07Ku.Vandana G.ShindeB.A.-II2007-2008
08Devidas S. SidamM.A.-I2007-2008
10Mangesh BawaneB.A.-I2007-2008
11Mangesh Bawane B.A.-I2007-2008
12Rupesh P. YelmuleB.A.-I2007-2008
13Hirachand S. PendorB.A.-I2007-2008
142Vitthal D.SoyamB.A.-II2007-2008
15Anil; S. GirsawaleB.A.-II2007-2008
16Ku.Yogita G.DeogadeB.A.-II2007-2008
17Ku.Mamata B.DuryodhanB.A.-I2007-2008
18Ramesh S.GajulwarB.A.-I2007-2008
19Santosh C. Karmankar5B.A.-III2007-2008
20Ankush R.PulewadB.A.-I2007-2008
21Sharad A.ChapaleB.A.-II2007-2008
22Akshay A. MoreyB.Sc.-I2007-2008
23Ku.Yamuna M.UikeB.Com.-I2007-2008
242Ku. Pratima M.UikeB.Com-III2007-2008

5) LIST OF BENEFICIARY:- (Earn And Learn Scheme)-

Academic Session:- 2013-2014
Sr. No. Name of Benificiary Class
01Mayur B.Chapale B.Sc.-II
02Nikhil V.AmarB.Sc.-II
03Ajay R.Kotangale B.Sc.-II
04Suraj K.JunghareB.A.-II
05Nagesh B.ChapaleB.A.-I
06Vijay S. NagoseB.A.-I
07Prashant S. Pal B.Sc.-II
Academic Session:- 2014-2015
Sr. No. Name of Benificiary Class
01Mayur B.Chapale B.Sc.-II
02Ajay R.KotangaleB.Sc.-II
03Suraj K. Junghare B.A.-II
04Nagesh B. ChapaleB.A.-I
05Vijay C. NagoseB.A.-I
06Prashant S. PalB.Sc.-II
07Parmeshwar S. KambaleB.Sc.-II
08Amit M. Mate B.Com.-II
09Manoj G.AdeB.Com.-II
10Rahul S. Bhidkar B.Com.-II
11SNikhil V. AmarB.Sc.-II
13Kishor B.A.-II
14Akshay B.Com-II
15Shuddodhan B.A.-I
Academic Session:- 2015-2016
Sr. No. Name of Benificiary Class
01Adarsh A. Pulojwar B.Sc.-III
02Mayur B.ChapaleB.Sc.-III
03Nikhil V.Amar B.Sc.-III
04Ajay R. KotangaleB.Sc.-III

Medical care

The institute has basic first aid medical kits to treat health problems of the students. Institution also conducts medical and physical fitness checkup every year. For that, institution receives services from two MBBS medical practitioners.

All the students of the institution are covered under the general health insurance i.e. TATA age insurance.

Remedial coaching

To enhance learning pace of slow learners, the college has established a remedial coaching center. The regular students of SC, ST, NT, OBC and SBC are registered for getting benefits of the scheme. The students seeking admission for the classes are notified through college notice board about schedule of the classes. The students interested in remedial classes need to apply through the prescribed format along with necessary documents or may contact the coordinator for further information through the remedial classes.

The syllabic content missed by the students due to absence or concepts not understood properly is taught by the college faculties. In the remedial classes, the students’ queries, doubts and problems faced in grasping the content are solved by the concerned teachers. In the last four years, the college utilized amount of Rs………….for remedial classes. The amount spent on the remedial classes and numbers of beneficiary students in the last few years are shown below in tabular form:

Sr. No. Year Amount in RsNo. of students registered
12010-2011 23

Awards and Rewards

Various dignitaries have sponsored following prizes for highest scorers in different disciplines.

Reward of Rs. 501/- each will be awarded to the first topper of B. A., B. Sc. and B. Com. Students by Shri. Kamlakar Wasade in memory of Late. Abaji Patil Wasade. Reward of Rs. 501/- each will be awarded to the first girl topper of B. A., B. Sc. and B. Com. Students by Shri. Ramesh Bhongale in memory of Late. Sakhubai Zitraji Dhobe.

Prize for Best students

  • Reward of Rs. 1001/- by Avinash Dorkhande, Pratibimb Photo studio, Rajura and
  • Reward of Rs. 501/- by Student Book Depot, Rajura.
  • A trophy in memory of Late Gangabai Nilkanthrao Dorkhande.

In memory of Late Salma Banu Haji Rahim Ali Bhai Kherani, Dr. R. R. Kherani has sponcered trophies to toppers in all faculties in following category.

  • First and second topper in B. A. –I, II & III
  • First and second topper in B. Sc. –I, II & III
  • First and second topper in B. Com. –I, II & III
  • First and second topper in M. A. –I & II
  • Girls topper in College