PG Courses available


M.A. (Marathi)


Sem I:                                                                                      

Paper I: -Arvachin Kavita Bhag – I                                 

Paper II: -Sahityashastra Bhag – I                                 

Paper III: -Gadya Bhag – I                                              

Paper IV: -Natak Bhag – I      

Sem II:

Paper I: -Arvachin Kavita Bhag – II      

Paper II: -Sahityashastra Bhag – II      

Paper III: -Gadya Bhag – II                                       

Paper IV: -Natak Bhag – I

M.A. PART- II                                    

Sem III:                                                                                      

Paper I: -Prachin Va Madhayugin Kavita Bhag – I    

Paper II: -Bhashavidyan Bhag – I                                

Paper III: -Vishesh Granthakar- Annabhau Sathe Bhag – I                                              

 Paper IV: -Marathi Vangmayach Itihas Bhag – I   

Sem IV:

Paper I: -Prachin Va Madhayugin Kavita Bhag – II

Paper II: -Bhashavidyan Bhag – II        

Paper III: – Vishesh Granthakar-  Annabhau Sathe Bhag – II                                             

Paper IV: -Marathi Vangmayach Itihas Bhag – II


M.A. (English)


Sem I:                                                      

Paper I:   CC1- HISTORY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE– I                                

Paper II:  FC 1- HISTORY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE – I                                   

Paper III: EC i D 1 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH-I                                   

Paper IV: EC i D 2 History of Indian English Literature I                                     

 Sem II:

Paper I:   CC2 HISTORY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE – II                            

Paper II:  FC 2 HISTORY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE – II                               

Paper III: EC ii D 1 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH – II                           

Paper IV: EC ii D 2 History of Indian English Literature II                               


Sem III:                                                      

Paper I:   CC 5 Indian Writing in English-I

Paper II:  CC6 Literary Criticism – I

Paper III: EC 14 (Nineteenth Century )American Literature I

Paper IV: EC15 Teaching of English Language and Literature – I

 Sem IV:

Paper I:   CC7 Indian Writing in English – II

Paper II:  CC8 Literary Criticism – II

Paper III: EC20 (Twentieth Century) American Literature II

Paper IV: EC21 Teaching of English Language and Literature – II


M.A. (History)


Sem I

Paper I: Historiography

Paper II: Indian Under Company’s Rule 1757-1856

Paper III: Indian National Movement: 1905-1947

Paper IV: Modern World: 1914-1950

Sem II

Paper I: Trends and Theories in History

Paper II: India under British Rule: 1857-1905

Paper III: Independent India: 1947-2000

Paper IV: Contemporary World: 1950-2000

M.A. Part II


Paper I: Emergence of Maratha Power in 17th Century

Paper II: State in Ancient and Medieval India

Paper III: Economic History of India: 1757-1857

Paper IV: History of Medieval Vidarbha

Sem IV

Paper I: Expansion of Maratha Power: 1707-1818

Paper II: State in British India

Paper III: Economic History of India: 1858-1947

Paper IV: History of Modern Vidarbha


M.A. (Home-Economics)

M.A. Part- I

Sem I                                                             

Paper I: Research Method I 

Paper II: Resource Management I 

Paper III: Human Development                     

Paper IV: Textile and Clothing I                                                     

Sem II

Paper I: Research Method II

Paper II: Resource Management II

Paper III: Family Dynamics

Paper IV: Textile and Clothing II      

M.A. Part II


Paper I: Consumer Economics I              

Paper II: Food and Nutrition                     

Paper III: Extension Education I                 

Paper IV: Housing and Interiors    

Sem IV

Paper I: Consumer Economics II              

Paper II: Diet Therapy

Paper III: Extension Education II                 

Paper IV: Housing Interiors II


M.A. (Political Science)

M.A. Part I

Sem I

Paper I (PS-01) Modern Indian Political Thought

Paper II (PS-02) Politics of Maharashtra

Paper III (PS-03) Comparative Politics

Paper IV (PS-04) Public Administration

Sem 2

Paper I (PS-05) International Relations

Paper II(PS-06) Western Political Thought

Paper III(PS-07) Political Sociology

Paper IV(PS-08) Research Methodology

M.A. Part II


Paper I(PS-09) Indian Democracy and Political Process

Paper II(PS-10) Pressure Groups and Social Movements

Paper III(PS-11) International Law

Paper IV(PS-12) (PS-13) (PS-14) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy OR Political Ideology OR Political Theory and Political Analysis

Sem IV

Paper I(PS-15) Modern Political Ideologies

Paper II(PS-16) State Politics in India

Paper III(PS-17) Human Rights: Problems and Prospects

Paper IV (PS-18) (PS-19) (PS-20) Globalization and Its Impact on the Political System OR Indian Government and Politics OR Major Issues in world Politics


M.A. (Sociology)

M.A. Part- I


Paper I: Classical Theory

Paper II: Methodology of Social Research- I

Paper III:  Rural Society in India

Paper IV:  Social Movements in India


Paper I: Perspectives on Indian Society

Paper II:  Methodology of Social Research – II

Paper III: Urban Society in India

Paper IV:  Sociology of Kinship, Marriage and family

M.A. Part II


Paper I:  Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology- I

Paper II:  Sociology of Change & Development- I

Paper III:  Industry & Society in India – I

Paper IV: Political Sociology – I


Sem I: Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology – II

Sem II:  Sociology of Change & Development – II

Sem III: Industry & Society in India – II

Sem IV: Political Sociology – II



M.Com. – Part I

Sem I

Paper I: Advance financial Accounting

Paper II: Indian Financial System

Paper III: Managerial Economics

Paper IV: Marketing Management

Sem II

Paper I: Research Methodology

Paper II: Advance cost Accounting

Paper III: Cooperate & Rural Development

Paper IV: Human Resource Management

M.Com. – Part II


Paper I: Statistical Technique

Paper II: Tax Procedure & Practice

Paper III: Computer Application in Commerce

Paper IV: Service Sector Management

Sem IV

Paper I: Advance Management Accounting

Paper II: International Business Environment

Paper III: Entrepreneurship Development


Seminar (Audit Course)