Dept. of History

The Department of History, Shri Shivaji college of arts, commerce & Science, was established in 1984 at Rajura Dist. Chandrapur. Earlier the institution provided education only to undergraduates. But, later in 1993, an initiative was taken and post graduate department was also started from the session 1994-95, to provide the students living in rural areas with higher education.

The outstanding results as well as the increasing number of students show the department’s progress with time.The department keep organizing study tours on historical places every year, to get them a feel of it. It also provides them with the real information and makes study a fun. Many guest lectures and workshops are held to keep students updated (with recent discoveries)

Now a day history is one of the important part of many competitive exams, considering which we guide the students accordingly and also teach and train them in such a way that they can perform better in exam. A student’s growth and overall development is our main concern and thus we try to provide them with the best knowledge and quality educational facilities.