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The department of English was established with the inception of the college in the year 1984. In the beginning regular U.G. courses i.e. B.A., B.Com., and B.Sc. were started to facilitate the basic education to the students of the nearby area since there was no other institution to offer graduation courses. The post-graduation program in English was started later in the year 2008 considering the demands of students completing graduation from our institution with English Literature as one of the optional subjects. The objectives of the department are in tune with the vision and mission of the institution. The department aims to develop English language competence among the students and to foster interest in English Literature for their further studies and research. The department has been striving hard to improve the students’ performance in pedagogical skills of English language and sustain and grow their interest for the study of English language as well as literature.

The three full time faculties having requisite qualification are consistently engaging themselves for research apart from teaching. The department had organized a national seminar in March 2010 on and has completed one U.G.C. sponsored Minor Research Project on the study of English language teaching. In order to keep abreast of new developments and trends in language and literature, the faculties undergo professional development programs and disseminate the knowledge to the students. Apart from chalk and talk method, the faculties use OHP, power point presentations and other audio-visual aids to better the teaching-learning process. The students’ performance is evaluated through classroom seminars, home assignments, unit tests, group discussions and oral examinations regularly. Every year, approximately 1000 students seek education in language and literature.

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